The New Catholic Pope… Homosexuality…. God’s Word?

I know, I know… why am I, a Lutheran, even making mention of the Roman Catholic Church selecting a new pope?!  Why is this even worthy of mention here???
Yesterday evening, I was “channel surfing” as I enerally do, while trying to take-in the daily news.
I kept encountering all the media accounts and “hype” surrounding the selection of the new Roman Catholic pope.
Almost every major news network was covering the fact that “white smoke” had come out of the Vatican chimney earlier and now the Roman Catholic Church had a new pope.

As a Lutheran, one can imagine my disinterest in hearing all this hype about a new pope.  However, what really struck me yesterday about much of the “news coverage” surrounding the selection of a new pope, was about “his” (the new pope’s) “peronsal” beliefs.

Many of the news commentators stated: “Well, this pope, personally, is against abortion, homosexuality, gay marriage etc… many in The Catholic Church were hoping for a more liberal – progressive pope”.  Much of the newscasters were speaking as if the new pope had been just a successful political candidate.  But, if another pope had been elected, there was the possibility that homosexuality, abortion, etc could’ve been acceptible by the roman catholic church (or by God).

I was shocked (guess I shouldn’t be) about many people’s perception of “God’s Word” – or not even taking that into account.  I was thankful the news kept bringing up such topics (abortion, homosexuality, etc), but was dismayed that the impression was painted that this human’s personal beliefs (the new pope) were the issue… were what mattered most.

We know, that it’s not the Catholic Pope, or President Obama, the U.S. Congress, State Legislatures, or your neighbor down the street’s opinions on these matters that count.

It continues to be – always will be GOD’s opinion, as voiced through His WORD that matters – counts.
And, that NEVER changes! Thanks Be To God! (Not the pope)

God’s Blessings