The “Gay Christian Network” Organization and video: “Through My Eyes”


First, wanted to apologize for my absence from posting here recently.  I know many have / continue to make use of my email address to contact me, and that is great.  I always welcome people reaching-out to me directly

I continue to get asked during my travels & talks about various groups out there, that provide information about christians struggling with issues of same sex attraction (homosexuality).  I often get asked: “Have you seen this particular group or video?  What are your thoughts?”

Well, I know I have been remiss in following-up on some of these inquiries.  Just this weekend, I have spent some time taking a further look into the web-based organization called “The Gay Christian Network”  And, a video that they produced entitled: “Through My Eyes”

Through My Eyes

Here is a link to the trailer of this video on YouTube:

I recently obtained a copy of the video and viewed it.  The running time is about 45minutes.  Basically, this video is a compilation of interviews with various young people that relate their own stories on growing-up in the church and their struggles with homosexuality.  I think it is great, for what it is.  I could easily see my own “story” from growing-up in the church and struggling with these feelings, inserted.  For those that have heard me talk, you would see many similiarities in what I’ve shared, as it compares to what’s shared during this video.  A common “theme” in the video, is that you hear many report how unhelpful / troubling they found some of these “Ex-Gay Ministry” – “Sexual Reorientation” programs (ie groups like Exodus International).  Again, things that I can also personally relate to.

Regarding the Gay Christian Network organization itself…. as with many organizations I have checked-out, there are some good things and some not-so-good things.  From what I have read and heard, this group seems to be all about educating churches on how to be more loving and inclusive of those in their congregations that are struggling with issues of Same Sex Attraction.  Where I personally disagree with the group, is they paint the picture that if you belong to a church that professes that embracing homosexuality is sinful (as stated in the Bible) – that’s ok.  But, it’s also ok, if you belong to a church that believes God has no problem with people embracing homosexuality.  It’s sort of an “A La Carte” approach to the subject.

Bottom line regarding the video… If you haven’t met / known christians that have struggled with homosexuality, and want to know what goes through many young peoples’ minds, this is worth checking-out.  But, that’s really the only reason why I would share this video with someone.  During this video, there is definitely not any meaningful discussion of God’s Word on the subject.

Anyway.. I appreciate folks asking me about this group / video.  Sorry it has taken me so long to respond.

God’s Blessings!