Rainy Days & Mondays…

So, what’s got me “down” on this very rainy, dreary day here in Virginia (and, oh, yes… it also happens to be a Monday).

I have witnessed this destroy so many peoples’ lives.  Know of others that are currently struggling with it.  And, just learned that a friend of mine has been forced to resign his job because of: Pornography!  To many, it seems like such a harmless thing… afterall, you’re not actually doing anything sexual with someone else in-person.  Rather, the thought is, that in the privacy of your home or office, a couple “harmless” mouse clicks – search engine entries,  and you get to have a few glimpses of images (or video) that seems to fulfill a yearning / desire.  A sinful yearning, that is… And, as we know, all sin can have very real, earthly consequences (as well as eternal ones).
It has been my experience that pornography is not the “harmless sin” that so many are tempted to believe it is.  I have seen how even in single people, this addiction can “ruin” a person (even heterosexuals) from the ability to engage in fulfilling relationships.  I’ve seen married heterosexuals end-up ruining their careers and marriages.  And, of course, for homosexuals, this is just one additional avenue to indulge in; for what many feel, is a “less sinful way” of giving into temptations.

I encourage folks that struggle with this to become a part of an “internet accountability” program, like the one our People of Grace group participates in.  I think I need to perhaps place greater emphasis on this, in some way.  Especially, for the others I know that are / have been struggling with this.

Favorite Verse that I’ve reflected on today: Romans 8:28:

God Bless!


28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who[a] have been called according to his purpose.