Holy Week – Temptations Abound!

TEMPTATIONS!!! Why, oh Why, at this time, right now, are they flying at me “left and right” from all over the place?  For whatever reason they are.  And, while I pray on a daily basis for help in resisting temptations, these days I’ve pulled-out “all the stops”.  I spoke with my pastor about them the other day, that I needed some additional help and prayers with overcoming them.
My Pastor shared, that for whatever reason, it’s been his experience that the devil goes to extra lengths and measures to tempt folks during “The Lenten Season”.  And, man-o-man, has this been true of what I’ve been experiencing over the past couple weeks.
We know form scripture, that we will be tempted.  But, we also know our greatest – best defense when we are tempted is:
God promises us in scripture, that He will not allow us to be tempted beyond what we can bear.  And, He will be there to help us when tempted.  We have to do our part by “fleeing from temptation”.
My prayer is that if you are experiencing “extra temptations” these days, you’ll keep this in mind.  And, know, you have God (in addition to christian friends) to help resist them.
God’s Blessings!