Exodus International Shutting Down?

For those that haven’t heard, Exodus International is soon to be no more.  Why is this?  What does it all mean?

Exodus International has always been an “umbrella organization” – headquartered down in Florida.  It has often been referred to as one of the largest, if not the largest “Ex-Gay Ministries”.  Those that have heard me talk, have heard me share how many problems have plagued that group and why I’ve had no use for them. So, I’m not at all surprised to hear this has finally caught-up with them.  What are / were the problems?  Here’s a couple of the more prominent ones:

1) Exodus, was always an “Umbrella Organization”.  As such, it has had no “consistency” in their message from local chapter to chapter.  This is because they have always had so many different member groups sharing and espousing so many different things.

2) Much of Exodus’ “Official Position” historically, has always gone something like this:  In order for a homosexual to be “saved”, you must not only leave the “gay lifestyle”, repent of your sins, but you also must go through counseling programs to be transformed into practicing heterosexuals.  Telling gay people: “Go and become straight (heterosexual)”.  [When, in fact, we know from God’s Word that it is enough for someone to leave behind a sinful lifestyle, repent, and resist sin. We have no promise from God on this side of heaven that we will never have to struggle with temptations. For some, those continued temptations may be with homosexuality.]

How has this been problematic?  Let me count the ways.  I’ve known so many folks from over the years that have gone through Exodus’ Affiliate Counseling programs and at the end of participating in that very long, costly program, and if they continue to still struggle with homosexual temptations (they aren’t attracted to the opposite sex), they say: “Well, the heck with it!  I tried to ‘change’… I went through their program, but I guess I’m a failure and I’m just going to go back to embracing a gay lifestyle”.

I am sorry how this is all “going down” this week, because I think it is sending a muddled – mixed message to some. I guess I will sit back, wait and see how they announce their new organization / ministry focus.  And, all the fromer “member groups” that used to be affiliated with them, will still be around. It will be up to them individually whether they follow the “new ministry plan” or not.

Unfortunately, right now, I think this is just giving more ammunition to The Gay Community to sit back and say: “See… even these groups that have been telling us we needed to change are failing – admitting defeat”.

If you would like to see the Official Announcement on the Exodus website, you can read it here:

Obviously, I have a lot more I’d like to say on this, but will wait to see what happens with their new organization.