June 12, 2015

Scott Barefoot


I grew-up in a conservative Christian (Lutheran – WELS) home, and during my teenage years began struggling with same-sex-attractions. That subsequently led to me choosing to embrace-live a homosexual lifestyle for over a decade beginning in my early 20s. By the Grace of God, I was subsequently led to repentance and out of that lifestyle. Since that time, I have written about my experiences both during and following that period of my life (magazine articles and a book). I have traveled around the country speaking on this subject with over a hundred church congregations, high schools, colleges, seminaries, pastors’ conferences, and with both adult and youth ministry rallies.

Back in 2009, I saw a need to share my message and information with others on-line and formed the People of Grace website. Later, a confidential support group area was added to website for others that also struggled with unwanted same-sex-attraction issues. In 2015, People of Grace became officially incorporated as a not-for-profit organization.

When not working with the People of Grace Organization, my regular / full-time job is as a Fire Alarm System Designer.

I currently reside in Milwaukee, Wisconsin