Forgive Us Our Sins – Homosexuality In The Light Of God’s Truth

Forgive Us Our Sins – Homosexuality In The Light Of God’s Truth 
by Rev. Richard D. Starr and Scott I. Barefoot

“That’s just your opinion.” … “A loving God would never say that.”  These phrases and others like them are commonly used in the debate over homosexuality.  Opposing opinions about the topic find their expression in state and federal legislatures, in church body meetings, and even on bumper stickers.  The fiery rhetoric often clouds the clear testimony of our God in his Word.
It’s a serious, sensitive subject.  And it’s far too important to let opinions that flow from personal bias decide the issue.  Indeed, the questions about homosexuality have eternal consequences.  But where can you find answers?
Authors Scott I. Barefoot and Richard D. Starr have diligently searched God’s Word for the real answers to the issue.  For a decade, Barefoot lived an actively gay lifestyle.  He attended a Christian church that went to great lengths to spin the interpretation of God’s Word to avoid addressing the spiritual danger that was threatening to consume him.  But the Holy Spirit worked in Scott’s heart, leading him back to the Scriptures to take his place at the foot of the cross as a redeemed child of God.
Each chapter of Forgive Us Our Sins contains a part of Scott’s story in the context of a study of Scripture provided by Pastor Starr.  Through the clear testimony in the book, you will grow in your knowledge and ability to speak the truth, to point to Christ’s forgiveness won on the cross, and to rejoice in the one thing that can truly change the lives of all sinners.

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