Deadly Desires – A Study of Homosexuality

Deadly Desires РA Study of Homosexuality  by Rev. Richard Starr

Part of the Bible Insights study series from Northwestern Publishing House, Deadly Desires offers a perceptive look at the subject of homosexuality. Author & Pastor¬†Richard Starr carefully points study participants to what God says on the subject in his Holy Word. Starr also helps Christians see how the devil, the world, and their sinful flesh corrupt and spin God’s truth. For those who struggle with the temptation of homosexual behavior, Starr offers Scriptural encouragement to resist. This study also offers guidance for those longing to help friends – fellow Christians or unbelievers – who struggle with the homosexual lifestyle.
Everything needed to organize and instruct this Bible study is included on CD-ROM, which contains PDF and RTF files of both student lessons and a leader’s guide that includes student answers. Both the leader’s guide and the student lessons include “A Recovery Plan for the Homosexual” at the end. The CD also contains 218 PowerPoint slides that accompany the six lessons. The lessons are:
A Timely Topic
The Cause
The Word of God – Old Testament
The Word of God – New Testament
The Change
The Support

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