June 12, 2015

Pastor William Monday


Pastor Bill Monday graduated from Wisconsin Seminary in 2004 with a Masters of Divinity after four years of study including one year of internship in Nampa, ID.  He has served at Faith Lutheran, Excelsior, MN ever since.  Prior to his seminary training, he studied in a five year program where he received his Bachelors of Arts in classical studies from Martin Luther College, New Ulm, MN (2000) with an emphasis in Latin and on the biblical languages of Greek and Hebrew.  His hometown where he grew up was Cincinnati, OH where he attended public schools up through high school.

In 2014, Pastor Monday published a work on SSA entitled Rainbow Savior which is available through People of Grace, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Westbow Press, and Northwestern Publishing House.  The accompanying Bible Study by the same name is available only through POG.  All net profits through POG for this resource go to support this ministry effort.  Rainbow Savior is written from a first person pastoral perspective to a soul struggling and also to a congregation which is coming to terms with this issue in a culture which is embracing it all the more.  It’s really two books in one.  It’s as much of a book seeking to help a precious soul who is struggling to understand their SSA as it is for Christians who struggle to speak in light of SSA to a culture opposed to the Biblical stance on homosexuality.  The work received 5 stars from Pastor Jim Behringer, head of Special Ministries in WELS.  Pastor Bill Monday is also a founding member of People of Grace which was organized officially as a nonprofit and WELS para-synodical in the fall of 2014, although the organization has been around since 2007.

Pastor Monday has been married to his wife, Lori, from Houston, TX for over 15 years.  Together they have four children spanning the ages 4-12.

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