The Battle Lines Have Been Drawn?

Over the past couple of weeks since the U.S. Supreme Court decision, which legalized “gay marriage” here in the U.S., I have witnessed so many (individuals and churches) spending a great deal of time speaking about “How do we defend ourselves?”  How do we protect our congregations from a few “militant pro-gay rights” individuals, who[…]

The Blame Game

The Blame Game!

I’ve touched upon this here before, and was watching the video again tonight entitled: “Such Were Some Of You”, and it really struck me again the pitfalls with some of those who strictly argue that there is always a NURTURE cause for those that struggle with same-sex-attractions… homosexuality. In the video, you see the truth[…]


Don’t Fall In To The Trap!

As a regular segment of my talks, I generally spend time speaking of how God doesn’t “Rate Sin”.  We know from scripture that all sin is on an “equal level”.  It all damns.  But, we as sinful human beings do have a tendency to “rate” the sinful activities of others as being somehow worse, or more[…]


Arizona’s State Bill 1062

Well, you’d have to almost be in a coma to miss all the news and “hype” that has been going on these past few days about The State of Arizona legislature passing a bill providing protection for business owners, allowing them to refuse services to gay people. But, what does the bill really say, and[…]