WLCFS Christian Family Solutions

Looking for Christian Counseling for yourself or someone you know that is struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction issues (homosexuality)?  Please check-out / contact WLCFS Family Solutions.  They are based in Wisconsin, but have satellite offices and also offer counseling through the internet via “Skype”. WLCFS Family Solutions


Covenant Eyes

In this day and age, Pornography is as close and accessible as a few key strokes and mouse clicks on the computer. People of Grace is a proud group member of Covenant Eyes, an internet accountability program. If viewing gay internet pornography is a temptation that you struggle with, please consider Covenant Eyes. It is free-of-charge for[…]


Bearing Their Burden

Bearing Their Burden by Rev. Tom Eckstein Some respond with hatred to people who struggle with same-sex attraction and teach that homosexuality is the unforgivable sin. Others affirm homosexuality by stressing either that Bible passages thought to prohibit homosexual behavior have been misinterpreted or that the clear biblical prohibitions against homosexual behavior simply have no[…]


Rainbow Savior

Rainbow Savior by Rev. William Monday Rainbow Savior is written from a pastor’s first person perspective to a precious soul who is struggling with same-sex attraction (ssa), who has already begun embracing the homosexual lifestyle.  The hope in this book is to provide words of truth and love to speak for all who are looking for[…]


Rainbow Savior Study

Rainbow Savior Study by Rev. William Monday Rainbow Savior Bible Study is a study on how to address the issue of same-sex attraction (ssa) with a struggling soul (Part I) and with a congregation of God’s people who have a wide range of questions on the matter – from reaching loved ones struggling to interacting with[…]

Deadly Desires - A Study of Homosexuality

Deadly Desires – A Study of Homosexuality

Deadly Desires – A Study of Homosexuality  by Rev. Richard Starr Part of the Bible Insights study series from Northwestern Publishing House, Deadly Desires offers a perceptive look at the subject of homosexuality. Author & Pastor Richard Starr carefully points study participants to what God says on the subject in his Holy Word. Starr also helps[…]