The Battle Lines Have Been Drawn?

Over the past couple of weeks since the U.S. Supreme Court decision, which legalized “gay marriage” here in the U.S., I have witnessed so many (individuals and churches) spending a great deal of time speaking about “How do we defend ourselves?”  soldierHow do we protect our congregations from a few “militant pro-gay rights” individuals, who may show-up on our churches’ doorsteps one day seeking to be married, in an effort to pick a fight – bring a lawsuit.
“And, now they are going after the public schools… inserting curriculums that teach middle school children about such concepts of oral/anal sex, homosexuality, bisexuality, etc… WE NEED TO FIGHT THIS!”
I don’t want to belittle the above, but my personal fear in all of this, is that we as Christians will get “swept along” – “lose our way” in the midst of all of this.
How So?
We need to continue to recognize that all of these folks (who may be engaged in the above) are STILL precious souls that Jesus died on the cross for.  Yes, they may be doing, saying, sharing HORRIBLE things… things we should be standing up against, but let’s not lose sight of the souls that are also hanging in the balance.
Let’s not lose sight of the tremendous evangelism opportunities “current events” also present us all.  Opportunities to: Share The Gospel & Speak The Truth In Love!
And, let’s also not forget about some younger – more impressionable folks that may; themselves, actually be struggling with same-sex-attractions (SSA).  By struggling, I mean that they; themselves, may have attractions to those of the same sex and are at a point – wondering what to do about those feels and attractions (embrace them or fight against them).  What message will they come away with, after only hearing all of this strong language: “The Country is circling the toilet, because of what these gay people are doing”… “Gays are the scourge of the earth”…”We need to dig-in and get ready to fight back against these homosexuals”.  … Read the rest