Lightning Strikes vs. Rainbows

LIGHTNINGIt’s true. The Lord did not have lightning strikes for the Supreme Court or any other proponents of same-sex marriage. And it’s also true that God only has rainbows in stock today for all of them. In fact, that’s true for all people who celebrate the Supreme Court’s decision or mourn over it. That’s why I appreciate this picture, except, tragically, I’m not sure that the illustrator understands the breadth of its full meaning, nor the 80,000+ people who shared it.

So, here’s the thing: Do you know what the rainbow is all about which every human being has been handed today and every day since the worldwide Flood some 5,000+ years ago? Do you know why the Lord posted that first rainbow sign up in the cloud for every social network to see till the end of time?

In case it’s been a while since the original and lasting message of the rainbow has been attached to it, we would do well to recall the original intent of the first Illustrator and what his rainbow means.

After the world’s first judgment was fulfilled against sin, which you could say came like a lightning bolt, God promised his patience of grace in the face of sin for the rest of time:

God said to Noah, “13 I have set my BOW in the cloud, and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth. 14 When I bring clouds over the earth and the BOW is seen in the clouds, 15 I will remember my covenant that is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh. And the waters shall never again become a flood to destroy all flesh. 16 When the BOW is in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is on the earth” (Genesis 9:13-16, ESV; Emphasis Mine).… Read the rest

“Legal Marriage” Will Become A Thing For Courthouses Only

marriageNo ChurchSo, after this past week’s U.S. Supreme Court Decision on “Gay Marriage”, what’s next?

Well, unfortunately, I think the days of pastors being able to sign marriage certificates – “legally” (in the eyes of the government) marry folks are numbered… will become a thing of the past.
I generally try to keep an eye-out / ear to the ground on what is going-on within the “gay community”, and this is what will be “coming down the pike” next.

Many have been saying: “Fine… The Supreme Court has ruled, homosexuals can be legally married… We’ll just leave them alone, and they’ll leave us alone”.

Not so fast… “The Gay Community” won’t let it go at that.  Mark my words… they will intentionally seek-out and target bible-believing churches and request that pastors there marry them.  Why?  To further their point.

THE RESULT:  Pastors will eventually lose their ability to “legally” marry folks.  It will go something like this: “If you, Pastor ________ aren’t willing to marry EVERYONE, then you won’t be able to legally marry ANYONE”.

I foresee a time in the not-too-distant future, where marriage ceremonies in churches, conducted by pastors will be just that.  And, everyone will then need to venture down to the courthouse to have their marriages made “legal” (in the eyes of the government) by the local “Justice Of The Peace”.

That’s where “legal marriage” is heading now that the gay community has gotten their victory in The U.S. Supreme Court.  Unfortunately, many will be able to point back to this post sometime down the road and say: “Scott was right again”.… Read the rest

U.S. Supreme Court Ruling On Marriage: A Christian Response

The Following Contribution Is From:
Rev. William Monday, Board Member
People of Grace

Be as Shrewd as the Devil but as Innocent as the Spirit…

Gay Marriage
Fellow Christians: When the Lord sent out his disciples into a world which was opposed to Him, he said these words: “Be as shrewd as serpents but as innocent as doves.” To put it simply, he was saying, “Be clever in what you do and say (and what you don’t do and say) because souls are at stake, souls who need you although they will seek to destroy your very life, if they could.” Jesus gave this command to his disciples, who were being sent out like sheep before wolves, for one purpose: to share the gospel. (Matthew 10:16)

I’d like to apply Jesus’ command, dear Christians, in light of what the US Supreme Court ruled yesterday in regard to the approval of same-sex marriage.

When you and I interact with a culture opposed to God’s will, it’s essential to listen to our Master’s calling: To paraphrase, “Be shrewd as the devil, but do not sin; be as innocent as the Spirit.” In other words, we have to give careful thought to how we approach a wayward non-believing culture. Too much is at stake. Relying on the gospel alone, we must do all we can to win souls without sinning/without letting anything hinder that, especially our words and conduct. We must speak the truth but wisely and in love. Here, then, is something to keep in mind…

As surprising as it may sound, I would encourage Christians: Do not comment on the ruling by the Supreme Court to nonbelievers. (Christians can and should share their thoughts with other Christians for mutual encouragement but not in the hearing of nonbelievers. That might mean foregoing a post on FB or on a website where there’s a mixed crowd, or taking a previous post down altogether.

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