The Blame Game

The Blame Game!

I’ve touched upon this here before, and was watching the video again tonight entitled: “Such Were Some Of You”, and it really struck me again the pitfalls with some of those who strictly argue that there is always a NURTURE cause for those that struggle with same-sex-attractions… homosexuality.
In the video, you see the truth of God’s Word being proclaimed, BUT… there is far to many “testimonials” by folks sharing things like:
1) “I was raped as a child”
2) “My father neglected me, didn’t do enough ‘male bonding’ with me in my childhood”
3) “My mother was far too overbearing”
Before some start crying “Foul”, I will share that for some, YES, those may be some contributing factors for those that struggle with same-sex-attractions, and who then go on to embrace a homosexual lifestyle.
But, I think in many times… be it with this struggle with same-sex-attractions, or many other sins, we are quick to want to point a finger at someone, something as to WHY?  For some, I think it makes them feel somehow better to say one of the above things… pointing the finger at someone else for their own struggles with sin.  Basically, saying: “I’m really a good person, and I wouldn’t have struggled with this, had it not been for: THIS”.We can all, indeed, point a finger at someone… we can point it back at ourselves and our earliest ancestors: Adam & Eve and original sin.  Ever since the fall of Adam & Eve into sin, we are all born with a “genetic predisposition” towards temptation & sin of all kinds.  For some, that may be homosexuality.
Blaming sinful struggles on others (even if there is a hint of legitimacy, and maybe a strong legitimacy according to some) will never be an excuse for embracing sin.… Read the rest