Don’t Fall In To The Trap!

As a regular segment of my talks, I generally spend time speaking of how God doesn’t “Rate Sin”.  We know from scripture that all sin is on an “equal level”.  It all damns.  But, we as sinful human beings do have a tendency to “rate” the sinful activities of others as being somehow worse, or more severe than those sins we ourselves commit.  During my talks, I obviously bring this up in the context of homosexuality.  I share how many in the church (to this day) sometimes have a tendency to rate homosexuality as a worse, or more repulsive sin, than those they themselves struggle with.  As you can imagine, if there is someone who struggles with same-sex-attraction (SSA) in attendance during my talk, or has watched a video of one of my talks, they often share their appreciation for making that distinction of sin clear.  Praising how I sought to “level the playing field”.

Now, what I oftentimes find ironic, is how some of these same individuals will later reach out to me with “situational questions” about sins of their own.  Some of the correspondences go something like this:
“Dear Scott, I struggle with SSA just as you do.  I am grateful that God has continued to help me stay away from “the gay lifestyle”.  I just struggle with things like sexual self gratification and fantasizing about other guys.  But, I have to believe that God somehow considers those things to be “less evil”, than if I were out actually “hooking-up” sexually with other men…”.
Generally, my response includes: “Where exactly can I go in the Bible to find that idea of some sins being ‘less evil’ than others?”
Response: <Insert Sound Of Crickets Chirping>


Hmmm… somehow “less evil”?  Less sinful?  It’s amazing how some are so quick to embrace the concept of “Sin, is Sin”… God doesn’t “rate sin” when it suits them. … Read the rest