“Gay Marriage” Legalized Nationwide – Without A Single Vote Being Cast???

What!?!?  How Could This Happen In a Country Like Ours Where Laws Are Voted On?!?!

I hate to be the one to share that it:
1) It can be… is possible (unfortunately).
2) In case you haven’t been watching the news lately, it’s already happening all around.

To explain, the “Gay Community” has decided that it requires too much time and effort to get petitions signed, get “gay marriage” on the ballots in states; much less, then campaign and solicite enough support to pass these ballot initiatives by way of public-popular voting.

I can share, they have indeed re-grouped, and re-directed their resources to go about this through the “Legal System”.  They are suing states (and so far, doing-so with a great deal of success), to have judicial decisions declare state bans and laws interfering with “gay marriage” as: Unlawful, Unconstitutional.  Kentucky is probably the most recent to have been in the news about this.  Along with Utah, and it is currently travelling through the courts in Virginia.

So, mark my words, unfortunately it won’t be by way of the voting booth, that you begin to see more and more states legalizing “gay marriage”.  Instead, it will probably come by way of the courtrooms.

A sad and unfortunate reality.

But, definitely NOT a reason to stop praying!… Read the rest