Arizona’s State Bill 1062


Well, you’d have to almost be in a coma to miss all the news and “hype” that has been going on these past few days about The State of Arizona legislature passing a bill providing protection for business owners, allowing them to refuse services to gay people.

But, what does the bill really say, and why was it passed?  Was it really necessary to begin with?

This came about because some folks were looking to “pick a fight”… plain and simple.

It is unfortunate really, because this has given the “gay community” further ammunition and the ability to say: “Poor Us… We continue to be discriminated against…”.  How so?  Well, if you look at some of the situations that have led-up to this legislation, you had some business owners in Arizona refusing services to gay individuals, because they were gay… wedding planners, wedding cake makers, etc.  The blame for this situation rests on both sides of the issue, and unnecessarily so.

I don’t know about you, but I have seen signs posted in many shops / restaurants / businesses stating: “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”.  Unfortunately, some of the business owners in Arizona that lost their lawsuits went a step further to say: “We’re refusing service to you explicitly because you are gay”.  That is what prompted these lawsuits, subsequently the legislation, and now this “media frenzie”, which you know the gay community is cheering.

Again, this is an example of a few folks seeking to “pick a fight” that in hindsight wasn’t necessary in the way it was done.

If these business owners that were sued, had just pointed these folks back to a sign stating: “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”… without trying to make a religious / political statement out of doing so, I personally feel this whole situation in Arizona would never be making the national headlines it is now.… Read the rest

Through My Eyes

The “Gay Christian Network” Organization and video: “Through My Eyes”


First, wanted to apologize for my absence from posting here recently.  I know many have / continue to make use of my email address to contact me, and that is great.  I always welcome people reaching-out to me directly

I continue to get asked during my travels & talks about various groups out there, that provide information about christians struggling with issues of same sex attraction (homosexuality).  I often get asked: “Have you seen this particular group or video?  What are your thoughts?”

Well, I know I have been remiss in following-up on some of these inquiries.  Just this weekend, I have spent some time taking a further look into the web-based organization called “The Gay Christian Network”  And, a video that they produced entitled: “Through My Eyes”

Through My Eyes

Here is a link to the trailer of this video on YouTube:

I recently obtained a copy of the video and viewed it.  The running time is about 45minutes.  Basically, this video is a compilation of interviews with various young people that relate their own stories on growing-up in the church and their struggles with homosexuality.  I think it is great, for what it is.  I could easily see my own “story” from growing-up in the church and struggling with these feelings, inserted.  For those that have heard me talk, you would see many similiarities in what I’ve shared, as it compares to what’s shared during this video.  A common “theme” in the video, is that you hear many report how unhelpful / troubling they found some of these “Ex-Gay Ministry” – “Sexual Reorientation” programs (ie groups like Exodus International).  Again, things that I can also personally relate to.

Regarding the Gay Christian Network organization itself…. as with many organizations I have checked-out, there are some good things and some not-so-good things. … Read the rest