Sun Shining

The Sun Will Come Out… The SON Has Come Out!

Well, for those of you that read my last posting – Monday – I was speaking of “Rainy Days…”.  I’ll freely admit that I was feeling very gloomy about things.  Witnessing how sin has been causing great troubles and sorrows in several of my friends’ lives recently.
I have spent a great deal of time considering how bleak things have been in my own life.  How ruined it has been from sin and despair.  And, how my return from that low period in my life has been such a great, uplifting part of my life story.
I oftentimes need to remind even myself that: Sin, is Sin, is Sin… We’re all sinners, who Jesus died on the cross for!
I can’t recount how many times I’ve felt, and others have shared that they’ve felt: “I’m such a more horrible sinner… No one would ever be able to understand – relate to the sins I’ve ben struggling with – committing”.  Sure they will… give people a chance.  We are all “horrible sinners” in our own ways…

The Sun Will Come Out…  The Son (Jesus) Has Already Come Out… of the grave.

Because, Jesus died of the cross for ALL of our sins, and rose victoriously from the grave.  The sins that are easy to confess – admit to; as well as, those that we hope no one else will ever know about.  Again, Sin, is Sin, is Sin!  God doesn’t “rate” sin… And, we shouldn’t either.  Although, as sinful people, sometimes we do have a tendancy to do that.

When people have reached out to me and asked: “How can I get through to my friend that is struggling with – embracing homosexuality?”  I’ll preface my advice with: “You may not like what I’m about to tell you… if you follow it, it will most certainly take you outside of your ‘comfort zone’…”.… Read the rest